What do we offer?

We have everything you need in matter of fastening A2 and A4 stainless steel products. We can provide you with high quality screw elements, nuts, rivets and all other stainless and acid-proof equipment. You can find our offer below, there are links to our polish site with full catalog.



nuts, screws, bolts and washers



fastening tools and handles

Rivets and rivet nuts

Rivets and rivet nuts

blind rivets and blind rivet nuts

Marine accessories

Marine accessories

chains, shackles, spring hooks and swivels


About Us

Welcome to the Website of TECHSTAL Company, which is occupied with wholesale and retail of stainless and acid-proof A2 and A4 steel screw fasteners, as well as, other fasteners as rivets and rivet nuts. The aim of our company is to provide the Clients with products and services of the highest quality. To increase contentment of our Clients and to meet their expectations and requirements as effectively as it is possible we ensure them of:

  • Efficient sale and distribution system
  • High quality of the offered products
  • All-embracing and professional technical consulting

Thank you for your interest in our offer. You are invited to cooperation.

Quality policy

TECHSTAL has documented, implemented and maintained the quality management system, which is in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO 9001:2008 norm; furthermore, the company gives an evidence of its involvement taking care of the system’s constant improvement.

TECHSTAL has established the quality policy as one of the most important elements of management, in which the employees’ actions aim at providing services, as well as, acid-proof and stainless steel products on the market for industrial plants and merchant houses that meet clients’ requirements and current regulations. The elements associated with TECHSTAL are acceptance of quality of products and service on the market, meeting clients’ requirements, and professionalism.

Reaching the high quality of our products and services is carried out on the basis of the strategic aims of quality, which are as follows:

  • System approach to management, in which the processes are planned, implemented, monitored, and improved
  • Partnership cooperation with the clients through identifying and meeting their requirements, as well as, those of the appropriate regulations
  • Developing the cooperation with regular suppliers
  • Consolidating clients contentment through investigating their level of satisfaction
  • Improving the quality of products and services through improving personnel’s qualifications, as well as, updating the infrastructure
  • Arranging work environment, in which the employees get involved in achieving their goals
Katalog produktów w PDF
Katalog produktów w PDF

The quality policy of TECHSTAL is periodically reviewed with regard to its constant usefulness. TECHSTAL owners assure that the quality policy is announced, comprehensible and maintained in the whole organization; moreover, they assure of tools to implement this policy.

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